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GLTC's OTCH Dogs Through the Years


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Dots Wellborn 1978 OTCH Brightmoor's Lisa, "Lisa" Border Collie
Mary Somerville 1978 "Susie" Border Collie
Karl Nussbaum 1978 OTCH Dreamalot Ben, "Ben" Border Collie
Pat Higgins 1978 "Shaun"

Irish Setter

Dots Wellborn 1978 OTCH Brightmoor's Laurie, "Laurie"

Border Collie

Mary Somerville 1980 "Sassy" Border Collie
Bob Wallace 1982 "Jessie" Newfoundland
Marilyn Huber 1986 CH/OTCH Little Rebel of Pacaha, "Rebel" Papillon
Pat Higgins 1986 OTCH Dreamalot Tudor, "Tudor" Border Collie
Carol Deckard 1987 "Easy" Golden Retriever
Terry Hammond 1988 OTCH Dreamalot Last Chance, "Chance" Border Collie
Pat Higgins 1989 "Rocky" Border Collie
Debbie Anderson 1990 "Whit" Border Collie
Jean Doris Futter 1992 OTCH Scherry Star Streaker, "Streaker" Border Collie
Carol Deckard 1992 OTCH Shorelands Dyna-Mo, "Dyna" Golden Retriever
Marilyn Higgins 1995 OTCH Morninglo Kentucky Bound, "Strut" Golden Retriever
Marilyn Huber 2000 CH/OTCH Majestic Terbo Jason UDX7, "Jason" Border Collie
Marilyn Higgins 2000 OTCH Morninglo Instant Recall UDX, "Tucky" Golden Retriever
Barbara Howe 2000 OTCH Kali, "Kali" Border Collie
Jean Doris Futter 2001 OTCH Scherry Star Simon Sez, "Simon" Border Collie
Trisha Koetter 2002 OTCH Swiss Stars Welcome Waggin, "Stormy" Bernese Mountain Dog
Marilyn Higgins 2003 OTCH Morninglo Awesome Again UDX "Razzle" Golden Retriever
Linda Coates 2009 OTCH Who Dun It's Surprise Witness UDX4 OM1 RN MX AXJ, "Otis Pug


Sara Jenkins 2004 MACH "Chakotay" Shetland Sheepdog
Sara Jenkins 2005 MACH2 "Chakotay" Shetland Sheepdog
Phyllis Belew 2007 MACH "Tweed" Shetland Sheepdog
Leo Clem 2012 MACH "Zane" Shetland Sheepdog
Sara Jenkins 2012 MACH "Ashado" Shetland Sheepdog


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